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 Natasha Itzel

I have seriously struck gold! I have been training with Marcos for a little over a month and feel I am definitely ready to write my review. I have never had such hands-on training, not to mention incredible results. After just one month I’ve lost 2″ around my waist and feel amazing. I feel super toned and my energy levels are through the roof. Let me give a breakdown: I take morning sessions. I start at 6am and his sessions are 30 minutes long. He recommends 3 sessions per week but no more than that. My initial thoughts were, “Only 30 minutes?”, “Only three days a week? How’s that supposed to work?” The man knows what he’s doing. My absolute favorite part about  Sayon Fitness is the environment. The people that take his sessions are all like a big family, and they are so happy to bring in new members. No ego. No attitude. It’s so refreshing. I also love that there are no mirrors in the the studio. Us women can get a bit distracted with our looks rather than using that energy for our workouts, so that’s not a problem there. When I say that Marcos is hands-on, I mean it. He pushes you beyond what you think you might be capable of. He sees your potential and he wants you to see it, too. I have surprised myself countless times when I have really pushed myself through the workouts with his encouragement. IT’S NO CAKE WALK, however. He designs his workouts to push you to your max in the allotted 30 minutes. Another nice touch is that he offers to check your measurements once a month. Seeing the results in the way your clothes fit, the way you look in the mirror and the words of praise from your significant other are all fantastic, but seeing it on a measuring tape and comparing those results to the previous ones is sososo satisfying. I truly recommend Sayon Fitness to anyone, anywhere. It’s just fantastic!


Rosendo Ruiz

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After trying out different fitness spots and working out on my own at the gym. I have come to the conclusion that Sayon Fitness has given me the greatest results with 30 minute workouts.Marcos Sayon will teach you high intensity workouts that will  strengthen your core and will get you a  flatter stomach, tighter arms , and toned legs.  If your looking to tone your muscles and burn fat Sayon Fitness is the place for you.Going to Sayon Fitness has decreased my  body fat, strengthen my core, and has also allowed me to have a high intensity workout in 30 minutes. So stop wasting 2 hours at the gym and get better results in 30 minutes.


Gladis Oropeza

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There will NEVER be enough words to describe how Sayon Fitness has changed my life.Before joining Sayon Fitness I was extremely overweight and could not run one lap if my life depended on it.  Doing 10 jumping jacks in a row was a mission in itself.  My self esteem was on the floor and didn’t have thrill for life and my body and energy showed for it.  At Sayon Fitness not only did I meet an amazing trainer but also a family that encourages me day by day to reach my goal and today I feel better than i have EVER felt in my life.

The workouts are amazing, you will never get the same workout done twice, which for me is a plus because I tend to get bored very easily.  The quote “no pain no gain” is something that never made sense to me until now.  Everyday i’m sore from the crazy yet fun workouts that we do.  Workouts such as supermans, frog jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, push ups or squats are something that I never in a million years thought i could do.  The feeling I have after every workout is an “I hate it but I love it feeling”.

Thanks to Sayon Fitness I am  now 40 lbs lighter and training to run my first 1/2 marathon within a couple of months.  I honestly do not see myself without Sayon Fitness anymore.  Completely worth the investment!!!


Ralph Salazar

Ralph Salazar

New Update; This weekend was a testimonial to what we can achieve by hard work and dedication, for the past 6 months I have been working with Sayon preparing myself for the toughest challenge of my life, the Tough Mudder Challenge, a 10 to 12 mile obstacle course designed for the British special forces, I was asked by many of my friends why would you want to put yourself through that, my answer today is because I can! 7-9-2012

I am both a member of a local gym and now Sayon Fitness. I joined Sayon a few months back on the suggestion of a friend, I had mentioned to him that I wanted to take my fitness to a new level although I also needed to shed a few lbs I need that extra push, Sayon’s method of training for 30 minutes at high intensity has taken me beyond my goal and now looking to achieve higher goals thank you!

I would like to thank Sayon Fitness for taking me to the next level of fitness and training. With his personal attention and diet tips, Marcos has taken me from being 40lbs heavier and out of shape to being 15lbs from reaching my goal weight, Marcos has a great talent for changing up the workouts, we never know what to expect when we walk in the door. I now truly understand how important it is to have a trainer that cares and understand your goal as much as you.


Olga Zavala

Olga AudiOlga Fe

I will keep this short and sweet, but this is by far the best fitness spot I have ever had the privilege of being a member. It’s not as flashy as any other Sports Club in LA, but there is enough space to get your training done.  Marcos Sayon is tough and pushes you to the limit with very few breaks.  His 30 minute training sessions are intense that I often end up flopping on the floor.

I’ve been a member to many other gyms and have had trainers; however, can’t say that I have been able to get such quick results as I have in the few months I have trained at Sayon.Training here has allowed me to learn so much about form, and various exercises.  I’ve been able to tone up my arms (something I never thought possible). Highly recommend Sayon Fitness!


Elizabeth LaSirena


I am absolutely 100% satisfied with this place!!  I’ve joined gyms before and I’m very athletic but I’ve not gotten results as I’m getting now.  Sayon Fitness challenges me even more!  I have to admit that my exercise routine got boring and I decided to join my friends after they raved about Marcos and his fitness center.  I now know what they were so happy about and I agree! I try to bring as many people here as I can.  After that, it’s up to them to decide. Most often than not, people stay because they see results!  Unlike some personal trainers, Marcos knows exactly what he is doing and you will see the results you want.  Of course it’s up to you to do the work.  Marcos will just show you how :)

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