If you’ve already read all of the other pages on this site you probably already understand the idea that training with us isn’t going to be the cheapest option around when it comes to personal training coaching in Los Angeles (or anywhere else in Southern California for that matter).

In fact, we’re almost certain to be one of the more expensive options around when you compare us to other personal training companies and so anyone who’s ‘shopping on price’ will absolutely definitely be able to find cheaper services than those we offer.

We’re fine with that.

We’ve never set out to be the cheapest or to attract those who see reinventing themselves as something that should come at the lowest possible price.

Our team isn’t a commodity to be purchased at the lowest rate or to be haggled over for discounts and the like.

That probably comes across as arrogant or conceited but it’s really not meant to, rather, it’s a simple reflection of the fact that we’ve built our business around providing a quality of experience and quality of results that simply don’t come at bargain basement prices.

In fact, as some of our clients have commented in the past, we’re a worthwhile investment, a reflection that if you’re going to entrust your goals, your nutrition, your training, and, in fact, your very health, happiness and well being over to another individual then you want to make sure they’ve got more than a couple of weeks training and experience and who are happy to ‘do deals’ simply in order to get you on board with their programs and services. That said, no-one has ever told us that what we’ve charged hasn’t been worth every penny they’ve invested. Curious? Try it for yourself and see the transformation. Call us today: (626) 598-7575

Semi-private training: If you find it hard to get motivated to work out on your own, you will love our Semi-private training. These fun and enjoyable private training sessions provide all the benefits of 1-on-1 Personal Training – motivation, encouragement, instruction, and accountability – with the added benefit of social support. These extremely effective sessions are limited in size, so you get the same individualized instruction and supervision as you would with one-on-one training – at half the cost!


Private 1-on-1 Personal Training: If you have very specific goals and like the customization and personalization that only 1-on-1 personal training can bring than this is the solution for you.


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